Ready To Roll

We've completed our work to further simplify the Revolutions Wind device and we successfully eliminated nearly 70% of the parts required by the original patent design and have far surpassed the efficiency potentials of that original device whilst bringing to reality the world's most efficient electrical generation array. 

We've grown light years beyond the original intellectual property and must now seek some five new patents to cover our proprietary innovations in sail design, linkage, modular rise, transmission, form factor, and connectors.

With elimination of the cross linkage cabling, our redesign provides an estimated 20% increase in sail area and wind-catch while removing the only likely point of wear and failure and reducing the cost of finished goods by as much as 35%.

Over the same time frame, my team and I designed our modular, integrated mast & shaft, which provides a sealed, expandable, durable, and cost-effective support structure for our windmill rotors that end-users will be able to buy in six-foot lengths and snap together to create the rotor elevation most suitable for their individual purposes and locations.

In addition, we are working to integrate a game changing generator and with our simple and highly efficient continuously variable transmission that will further increase the  consistency of performance of our devices in all wind speeds exceeding 2.23 meters per second.

What we offer is similar to the opportunity folks had to invest in power utility companies at the time of American electrification. The time in which we are living is exactly that sort of historical crux, one hundred years later. Do not be fooled into believing that we are on a downhill slide in this country and the world. The greatest fortunes and economic booms throughout human history have come from times of economic duress, almost without exception.

As the late Louis Rukeyser was apt to say, “Buy into weakness and sell into strength.” When times are rough, those who follow this advice find themselves on top of the heap as the dust clears. Those who have the wherewithal to do so would do well to invest in the short time during which the opportunity remains.