Down, Not Out

To whom it may concern, I spent nearly ten years and $250,000+ of my own hard-earned cash trying to get this off the ground.

In 2012, a charlatan chiropractor, Jamie Fettig, who is one of my minority shareholders and a serial patent violator, hijacked my greenwindmill web domain and with the help of Bob Greene, proceeded to violate my exclusive, lifetime license for patent 5823749A as granted by Greene for a payment of $10,000 in 2008. He never did a damned thing with the IP.

Fettig's errant assignation of patent expired in 2016. He no longer holds any rights to govern the intellectual property as you see in this Google patent listing:

In 2011, living and working in Brattleboro, VT, I suffered through the ravages of Superstorm Irene. The storm parked itself over the Connecticut River for about 36 hours, flooding the town and washing away the machine shop wherein rested my most complete prototype of the windmill power generator and rotor.

It was in 2013, that I decided to cease seeking investors and instead to 'back-burner' the project until I could earn enough cash myself to pursue reconstitution of the venture. In short, I have not given up, I'm just on a slower path.

I have begun a suitable venture, and the numbers indicate that I'll be able to pursue the completion of a manufacturing prototype of the Revolutions Wind device, much improved in design.

In addition, I have designed a Micro-Thermal-Solar generator device that will rival the windmill in cost-effectiveness and utility.

When these devices come to market, I assure my shareholders, all 23 of them, that I shall make good on all commitments to profit-sharing through the fulfillment of dividend rights commitments and that the two corporate note-holders shall be made whole.

For now, I must counsel further patience among my shareholders. I affirm that I will see this through to a mutually successful result.